The intent at Archers Brook for Modern Foreign Languages is to develop a basic understanding in French. Students will develop good skills in the four areas of reading, listening, speaking and writing. Using a challenging and responsive curriculum, students will engage and enjoy learning the basics of the language and will feel comfortable should they visit France.

Students will build confidence, resilience and self-esteem by learning a new language in an exciting environment where they are able to use their best skills to provide assessment feedback and raise attainment.

The MFL Curriculum is designed to allow all pupils at Archers Brook to make progress through a sequenced approach and be suitably challenged within realistic conversations and situations.


Pupils are taught MFL from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3. The lessons are carefully planned using the EXPO scheme of work. This curriculum is able to stimulate the pupils and through careful differentiation and scaffolding of work is accessible for all students and aims not to be dependent on their English literacy levels.

The curriculum covers a vast range of topics including introductions, birthdays, objects, developing sentences, use of verbs and tenses, speaking, listening, reading and writing. As French is a fairly new subject all years are being taught the same content as there is no pathway to KS4. This curriculum will be developed to be linear from Key Stage 2 into 3.

The majority of pupil’s will take an active part throughout all 4 areas of learning MFL with the subject teacher. The teacher will expect high levels of communication and behaviour from students while delivering the content with passion and setting high expectation.


Students at Archers Brook will be enthused by learning and will be able to demonstrate good understanding and skills.

Through new skills students will become confident in conversing in a foreign language and building these into social and emotional outcomes to develop.

Students will understand about a different country and the cultural background of France and be able to broaden their thought processes for outside of the UK.


Year Group

Topics Covered


Basic Introductions, Numbers, Objects, Adjectives, Months, Time, Colours, Family, Animals, Hobbies, Clothes, Food


Speaking, listening, Reading and Writing in more depth of Introductions, school objects, Age, Birthdays, In the Classroom, Colours, Brothers and Sisters, Family, Animals, Describing yourself and others.


Speaking, listening, Reading and Writing Where you live, Describing your home, Describing your bedroom, Talking about what you do in the evenings, Telling the time, Asking about places, Directions, Where you are going, Expressing opinions, Ordering food and drinks


Speaking, listening, Reading and Writing What you do in the day, School Subjects, Opinions and Reasons, After School, Sports and Games, Music, Holidays


If you would like to learn more french at home then you can access BBC Bitesize or perhaps look at an app such as DuoLingo.

Also should children be off they can access the Google Classrooms French so that they dont miss a lesson!


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At Archers Brook School we recognise the importance of building safe, supportive relationships with the children, young people and families that we work with. By applying the principles of Our Way of Working we celebrate our settings ability to apply a trauma informed approach.

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