Specialist Outreach Support

The Specialist Outreach service at Archers Brook is commissioned by the Local Authority. We work in partnership with colleagues in mainstream schools to provide specialist advice, support and resources in order to sustain the inclusion and access of children within primary (KS2) and secondary schools, as well as to celebrate and share good practice.

All referrals and requests for support are made directly to the Cheshire SEN team, who will then request the support from the best suited setting. Archers Brook does not take requests directly.

The outreach offer is primarily focussed on:

  • Successfully maintaining mainstream placements for children and young people with SEND with specialist advice and support
  • Developing confidence of parents / carers and mainstream settings for children and young people with SEND transitioning between Key Stages (primary to secondary, secondary into college / post 16 provision)
  • To support children and young people who are ready to transition from special schools into mainstream.

As part of the outreach offer, Archers Brook offers:

Outreach Support: A member of the outreach team will come to school for an agreed session / sessions allied to a particular need.  This will usually be specific support for one child.

In Reach: An identified member of staff from a school will come to Archers Brook and work with a teacher/ TA / leader in an identified area.  This will usually be specific support for one child.

CPD: Schools can request specific CPD in an identified area, which could be a series of sessions around a theme.

School to School Support: Schools can request specific support to develop a piece of work e.g. a focused school improvement project or specific advice guidance and support





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