Pupils benefit from well-designed opportunities to develop their historical knowledge and skills, including their chronological understanding, through learning about important aspects of local, national and world events and the histories of cultures other than their own.

Opportunities to study different themes and issues across time are combined with well-planned in-depth studies, to enable pupils to develop a deeper understanding of history and why studying it matters.

Pupils’ experiences are tailored, wherever possible, to meet their individual needs, interests and aspirations and they experience a range of innovative inputs, including visual media and appropriate texts.

The curriculum provides constant opportunities for discovery and challenge, for developing a sense of curiosity about the past and for pupils to take greater responsibility for their learning.


Teachers have a firm knowledge of the subject and ensure students enjoy a wide curriculum. Assessment is used to help embed knowledge, check understanding and inform teaching.

The Art Department is a calm and welcoming environment which focuses on students. Teaching is designed to help students remember the long term content and we teach how to refine these design skills.


At Archers Brook we ensure that pupils are offered a broad and varied art education which allows the pupils to develop an in depth understanding of the subject. We aim to allow the pupils to practice their skills and to always work to the best of their ability, encouraging creativity and commitment in an outstanding setting.

The Art Department at Archers Brook offers the pupils the chance to work on a variety of themes and to explore many different media with creativity.


In Key Stage 3 the pupils generally have four half hourly sessions. The curriculum work includes:

Year 7 - Basic Shapes, Plants, Mondrian, Architecture, Ton Schulten
Year 8 - Egyptians, Art Deco, Clarice Cliff, 3D Construction
Year 9 - Picasso, Mask Making, Typography & Lettering Studies, Figure in     Motion


For Key stage four pupils work for three separate hourly lessons (plus one further half hour session) We open up the art rooms after school for the pupils if they wish to further their studies. The curriculum work includes:

Year 10 GCSE Art & Design - Pop Art, Roy Lichtestein, Profiles, Retro Comic Book Art, Hero portraits, Aboriginal Studies, Figure Drawing, Personal Study, 4x4 Repeat pattern, Still Life Studies, Kandinsky

Year 11 GCSE Art and Design - 3D Visual Communication, Masks, Sculptural Objects, Still Life Drawings, Mood Board, Design Sheets, Maquette, Over Scaled Final Piece Model

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