Pupils benefit from well-designed opportunities to develop their historical knowledge and skills, including their chronological understanding, through learning about important aspects of local, national and world events and the histories of cultures other than their own.

Opportunities to study different themes and issues across time are combined with well-planned in-depth studies, to enable pupils to develop a deeper understanding of history and why studying it matters.

Pupils’ experiences are tailored, wherever possible, to meet their individual needs, interests and aspirations and they experience a range of innovative inputs, including visual media and appropriate texts.

The curriculum provides constant opportunities for discovery and challenge, for developing a sense of curiosity about the past and for pupils to take greater responsibility for their learning.


Teachers’ practice is informed by up-to-date knowledge of continuing developments in the teaching and learning of history.

Pupils learn to approach historical enquiries as skilled investigators and are encouraged to develop their judgements about the value of historical evidence to form their own views of the past. Teachers have the confidence to refine their practice to ensure that teaching promotes good progress in history for all groups of pupils.

Lessons are well-planned, exciting and innovative. They are organised into sequences of manageable chunks, whilst also providing constant challenge and opportunity to progress.

Teaching and learning is under-pinned by the application of a range of Assessment for Learning strategies, from regular individual feedback and praise, to a programme of focussed formal assessments.   


Pupils develop good knowledge and understanding of people, events, and contexts from a range of selected historical periods and of historical chronology, concepts and processes.

They undertake challenging activities, including opportunities to research independently across a range of optional history topics.

Confidence and resilience are developed as pupils successfully consider, discuss and evaluate the past, developing their own questions and lines of enquiry.

The skills of research and enquiry utilised and improved during the course will transfer easily into future academic and work settings.



History - KS3 Curriculum



The History department at Archers Brook strives to develop student’s awareness of the past starting from 410AD up to modern day. This allows pupils to understand the reasons for the world as it is today.

A major focus for students is 20th Century History including 'The Great War' and World War II as this is still relevant today and to make sure that they have a clear understanding about the sacrifices that our recent ancestors gave and the legacy they have left.

Students are asked regularly to reflect on Historical evidence to formulate opinion and to develop skills in gathering thoughts and feelings about certain periods of time.


http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/subjects/zk26n39       (KS3 History)

http://www.iwm.org.uk/                                                  (Imperial War Museum)

https://www.cwgc.org/                                                   (Commonwealth War Graves Commission)


A number of extra-curricular activities happen throughout the year to historical sites and recently some students toured WWI battlefield sites in Belgium and France. The video below shows the tour that the students took part in.



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