Our curriculum aims to create:

  • Successful learners who enjoy learning; making good progress and achieving excellence

  • Confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives

  • Responsible citizens who are equipped & are eager to make a positive contribution to society


To deliver a curriculum which:

  • Creates an aspirational high achievement culture/raises standards of attainment

  • Takes into account individual needs and styles

  • Allows everyone to experience success

  • Prepares our Children and Young People well for the next stage of their life.


Where knowledge is taught to be remembered not merely encountered:

Our curriculum includes not only the formal requirements of a national curriculum but also a range of deep learning experiences that the school organises to enrich the experience of our pupils and deeply embed programmes of study through experience and interaction.

We aim to create a learning experience that allows our pupils to reach their full potential from their individual starting points. We recognise that pupils with SEND may not necessarily follow a typical developmental trajectory; Learning is tailored to need; Individual Learning needs are recognised as diverse and to be celebrated; Staff are trained to support all learners in our setting offering an experience that supports those who learn in a ‘typical’ and ‘atypical’ manner.


We also recognise that a rigorous knowledge based academic education is no longer enough to prepare children and young people for entry into their post 16 pathways. Therefore, we ensure we offer life skills as part of our 24-hour curriculum – nurturing soft skills such as flexibility, empathy, creativity, communication, collaboration and problem-solving. As educationalists we recognise that these skills along with the experiences of a high quality education have real value in future employment and are in fact the stand-out aptitudes in successful young people.


Our core curriculum offer, being based firmly on a national curriculum, ensures that new pupils joining within Key stage 2 or 3 to benefit from a smooth transition to learning and knowledge. This is of equal importance should a child or young person on our roll transition back to Mainstream learning. It also maximises opportunities post 16 where our pupils will re-join their mainstream counterparts through sixth form, college or work based learning and employment.


All pupils at Archers Brook School are supported towards a fuller understanding of what it means to experience and maintain good mental and physical health. This crucial area of our taught curriculum, drawing down upon therapeutic and specialist support, underpins what we call ‘readiness to learn’ and develops pupil resilience in all areas of their development.

Wellbeing Curriculum:

  • This offer is for all pupils to access and is designed to support pupils in maintaining good mental and physical health.

  • This curriculum is accessed via Holistic therapy, Art Therapy, Counselling, our extended day and 24 hour offer and the Nurture Base. We have a dedicated team of MHFA (Mental Health First Aiders) who, as established personnel, are well placed to act as Champions for pupils and support them/staff on a daily basis.

  • The pupil voice is strong, and advocates for the whole child as well as supporting LGBT & Prevent work.

  • We measure pupil attitude to self and school using PASS.


Pathways through our curriculum are supported through a range of assessments.

We currently offer three distinct pathways through from KS2 with all pupils accessing our Wellbeing Curriculum regardless of academic pathway.


The Pathway One curriculum has been designed for learners who are working towards Entry level qualifications at KS4.

This group of pupils will be working below ARE (age related expectations) in most, if not all, areas of the curriculum. This cohort is few in number in our setting, the overwhelming majority of our pupils being level 2 learners at KS4.

Formal communication is embedded in the learning although pupils still need time to process their learning and record/use communication purposefully; these pupils may need learning facilitated via higher levels of scaffolding and augmented forms of communication to promote independence.

These pupils will likely have specific barriers to learning that impact on their ability to access the National Curriculum and will access specific teaching and interventions to overcome this.

At KS4 these pupils will have a well-designed transition and a supported post 16 pathway.


The Pathway Two curriculum has been designed for learners who are working towards level 2 or 1 qualifications at KS4.

This group of pupils will predominately be working at ARE in most areas of the curriculum.

Pupils within this Pathway may have specific barriers to learning that impact on their ability to access the National Curriculum, but will access specific teaching and interventions where needed to support them in attaining skills to overcome this.

These pupils may benefit from scaffolded learning, yet are mostly independent in their access of learning and will benefit from High Quality Specialist subject teaching in order to attain to their best outcome.

At KS4 these pupils will have a clear Post 16 pathway to education and/or employment at level 2 or above.


This pathway has beeen designed for pupils that experience difficulties accessing the first 2 pathways.

They have a bespoke designed curriculum, which contains a minimum of literacy and numeracy, but can also include a tutor for other subjects, college courses, work experience and/or motivational placements.

This pathway does not preclude them from attending lessons at Archers Brook School or any of our services.

At KS4 these pupils will have a supported transition and clear Post 16 Pathway.

Our curriculum is designed to be flexible so that pupils may move between pathways and access courses on other pathways.

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At Archers Brook School we recognise the importance of building safe, supportive relationships with the children, young people and families that we work with. By applying the principles of Our Way of Working we celebrate our settings ability to apply a trauma informed approach.

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