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Here at Archers Brook we understand just how important conversations at home are in order to develop, guide and aspire our pupils along their journey to employment. Because of this we will always value the input of our parents and pupils as we strive to improve our careers programme. Recent input from parents and carers has guided us to believe your full understanding of our programme is crucial for us all to support the pupils in our care. A learning journey showing every step pupils will go through on careers journey can be seen below. 

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What experiences of the workplace will you/ your child have at Archers Brook?

Having positive experiences of the workplace is crucial to inspiring young people and raising their aspirations. We realise that these positive experiences have the potential to support the pupils at Archers Brook to have a successful post 16 journey. For these reasons we have ensured that experiences of the workplace are embedded throughout our KS3 and KS4 curriculum. These experiences are not stand-alone events, instead they strategically run throughout the curriculum to support our pupils understanding of the workplace. Pupils are supported by ourselves and a number of employers to develop essential skills.

Year 9

Duke of Edinburgh bronze 

3 months volunteering at Westlake Farm / Molly's Urban Farm


Year 10

Duke of Edinburgh bronze 

3 months volunteering at Westlake Farm / Molly's Urban Farm

Bren Bikes project 

6-8 week placement. Pupils complete an interview before attending Bren Bikes one day a week independently (full day). Various work related tasks and roles are completed here.

Work experience project 

Local employers deliver a brief to pupils before they seek the best methods of completing set tasks. Where possible other year groups are used, and this is a whole school enterprise. Pupils finally deliver a presentation back to the employers and receive feedback. 

Pledge explore programme 

Opportunity for pupils to visit various places of work and get a feel for how companies within different sectors work. 

Year 11

Duke of Edinburgh silver  

6 months volunteering at Burton Manor Gardens/ Hospice of the Good Shepherd

Bren Bikes project 

6-8 week placement. Pupils complete an interview and are supported by staff before attending one day a week independently (full day). 

NCS programme 

Pupils meet with various charity employers and design their own project in order to raise funds for charities of their choice. 


Transition advice
Transitioning into post 16 life can be a difficult and worrying process as their are lots of choices to make. Should you require any support or advice during this time please do not hesitate to contact us via; email, dojo or phone call. We will be sure to organise a meeting and guide you the best we can. 
During their KS4 studies, pupils at Archers Brook, will have a total of 3 (one-to-one) meetings with a level 6 qualified careers adviser. These meetings aim to support pupils to find the best and most suitable post 16 option available to them. Should you require further support you can get personalised careers advice and information from the National Careers Service using the link below. The opportunity to speak to an adviser is also possible through this link. 
Starting conversations early and having an idea of what it is you want to do is vital. Doing so allows you to consider all your options and choose what will work best for you. 

You will be taught about your various post 16 options in school. Be sure to research you options so you know exactly what is best suited to you. Links to local colleges and the governments find an apprenticeship search tool can be found below. You will be able to search the various college courses available to you and discover when opening evenings are taking place.

Use the qualification levels documnet at the foot of this page to improve your understanding of levels. The post 16 options document will help you to improve your understanding of the various options available to you. 

Labour Market Information 

Labour Market Information or LMI is used regularly within school to aid pupils understanding of the job market and their future decisions. LMI is a useful tool to help research future jobs in the local area, understand the skills needed for certain roles and understand the demand for future employment. 

Alongside LMI designated lessons, pupils also access LMI within their Morrisby accounts. Morrisby guides pupils along a journey of self-discovery that helps them make informed decisions about their future career path. It supports discovery of strengths, redefines where interests lie and how personality plays a part in their career.

Pupils can access Morrisby both in school and at home. You will find the link below. Understanding LMI within various sectors and viewing this with the child in your care can really support their future interests and ideas. Use some of the links below to view LMI within various sectors and job roles.



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