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The Careers programme at Archers Brook School runs through years 7 to 11. Our programme aspires to:

  • Raise aspirations as pupils seek and research a broad range of lifelong opportunities available to them.
  • Provide opportunities to reflect upon and develop skills essential for the workplace.
  • Deepen knowledge of post 16 and career options as pupils are supported onto a career pathway developed and designed by them.
  • Provide an array of interactions with FE establishments and employers.

This programme has been designed to align with the Gatsby Benchmarks which are the recognised requirements for Careers education and Guidance. With this we intend to:

  • Run a stable careers programme
  • Support pupils to learn from labour market information
  • Address the needs of every pupil 
  • Link curriculum learning to careers 
  • Provide encounters with employers and employees 
  • Provide experiences of workplaces
  • Provide encounters with further education establishments
  • Ensure all pupils have personalised careers guidance

A summary of our careers programme can be found within the careers plan document at the bottom of this page. This document can be accessed by students, parents and employers and will provide a complete summary of the careers programmes delivered here at Archers Brook. 

Pupils will have two half hour Careers lessons in KS3. The lessons aim to help year 7-9 pupils to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to make successful choices and manage transitions in learning and work. Pupils will use Morrisby to support their understanding of all the options available to them. At KS4, Careers is delivered through the Level 1-2 PSD qualification. Pupils will work towards completing Preparation for Work which includes a 2-week work experience placement. Experiences of the work place may look different for each of our pupils as we look to meet their needs and find placements that provide them with the best possible experiences. KS4 pupils will also access an hour each term aimed at making them aware of their post 16 options. KS4 pupils will use morrisby and the support of their tutor to tailor this time to suit their individual needs and aspirations. 

All pupils will leave Archers Brook with an understanding of the post 16 destinations and opportunities available to them. They will know the routes available to them understanding how they can adapt and develop to achieve their long term goals. Pupils will have gained an experience of live work scenarios including CV writing, interviewing and completing applications improving their confidence for such experiences post 16.  

You can find our full careers plan at the bottom of this page. 


Experience of the workplace project and school enterprise

Within the spring term year 10 pupils will have the opportunity to source a work experience placement should they wish. We will also work with employers to provide suitable placements that will benefit our pupils. We do however understand that a work experience placement is not suitable for all and can quickly become an overwhelming experience. With this we organise an experience of the workplace project. Pupils will receive a brief from an employer describing a large task to them. Pupils will use teamwork and initiative in order to find the best solutions in order to meet the expectations of the task set. Pupils will filter down tasks to KS3 pupils as we use a whole school approach to overcome the task we have been set. This will work as our school enterprise with various subjects being used for pupils to display their creativity skills. We will consider marketing and finance before our year 10 pupils visit various events in order to sell the goods created. The pupils will visit the workplace and receive feedback before we reflect as a group.



LMI can be used to help make effective decisions particularly around curriculum planning, and careers advice and guidance.

We find Labour Market information using; Fast Tomato




L. Kavanagh

0151 832 6600

Careers Lead Teacher

Bruce Groniak (Company)

Enterprise Adviser 

Ceri Morgan

Enterprise Coordinator  

Sally Kemp

Impartial Careers Advice

E. Wild, A. Squires, G. Fields, L. Hornberry

School Enterprise Team

J. Hilditch

PSD Lead

T. Boram

Curriculum Lead






Year 10 work experience: A blended approach to ensure all our pupils have an experience fitting to them. 


NHS workshops; Workshops delivered across the day to enagage KS3 pupils and get them thinking about the range of careers available within the NHS. 


Climbing hut: KS4 pupils will visit the climbing hut to gather an understaning of how this workplace operates from employers and employees. 


Hospice visit: KS4 pupils will visit the Hospice of Good Sheperd to gather an understaning of how this workplace operates from employers and employees. 


Cheshire college digital bus workshops: All pupils within the school will engage with Cheshire Colleges Schools Partenership Coordinator across the day.


Apprenticeship fair: KS4 pupils attending an apprenticeship fair to meet and engage with a variety of employers who offer apprenticeships.


KS3 school enterprise, Cheshire Womens Network lunch: Selling a range of handmade Christmas goods. 


KS4 Cheshire College visit - Pupils have the opportunity to visit and tour the Ellesmere Port campus hearing about the range of courses available. 


KS3 School enterprise: Chamber afternoon selling a range of handmade goods. 


Joy Reed, retail workshop: Effective methods of marketing when selling at a stall. 


Careers fair: KS4 pupils attending a careers fair to meet and engage with a variety of local employers and FE establishments. 


Careers in the curriculum: Trip to Altimex. Pupils visiting Altimex to learn about the production and uses of circuit boards. 

07/11/2022 - 18/11/2022

Year 11 work experience: A blended approach to ensure all our pupils have an experience fitting to them. 


Robert Bryne: KS4 careers in specsavers and T Level opportunities. 


IGD employability skills virtual workshop for year 9 pupils.


Young Chambers careers event KS4: What different employers are looking for in employees. 


Paul Arista: Introduction to School Internship programme for KS4.


KS3 Firestation visit: Skills and qualities needed to work as a firefighter

*More dates to be confirmed.


Start Profile


National Careers Service

UK Government Apprenticeship website

UCAS: University information



LMI can be used to help make effective decisions particularly around curriculum planning, and careers advice and guidance.

We find Labour Market information using; Morrisby

Opportunity for Access

Throughout the year, we run activities or attend events that encourage students to think about their potential career path.  In addition, we run assemblies and tutorials which may provide opportunities for external providers to speak to our students. Please contact Mrs S Myers Whittaker to identify the most suitable opportunity for you to talk to students.


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June Sedgwick | School Business Manager

0151 832 6600


At Archers Brook School we recognise the importance of building safe, supportive relationships with the children, young people and families that we work with. By applying the principles of Our Way of Working we celebrate our settings ability to apply a trauma informed approach.

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